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Prime Star International is a globally recognized organization specializing in the export of an extensive range of natural resources. With an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we cater to diverse industries worldwide, including culinary, agriculture, construction, and gemstone markets.

Pink Salt: Our premium pink salt is sourced from the ancient Himalayan salt deposits, renowned for its mineral-rich composition. We deliver this exquisite salt to culinary enthusiasts seeking a unique flavor and potential health benefits. From gourmet cuisine to wellness rituals, our pink salt adds elegance and flavor to every experience.

Our basmati and sella rice varieties delight culinary enthusiasts, boasting superior taste, aroma, and texture. Carefully aged and processed, each grain embodies culinary perfection.

Catering to the agricultural industry, we export high-grade phosphate, essential for optimizing crop growth and soil fertility. Our stringent quality control ensures consistent excellence.

With our expertise in soapstone, craftsmen and artists find their muse in our high-grade raw materials. From intricate sculptures to architectural masterpieces, our soapstone enhances creativity.

Additionally, we offer a stunning collection of precious stones, ranging from captivating gemstones to exquisite crystals. Each stone tells a unique story of beauty and wonder.

At Prime Star International, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to sourcing, processing, and delivering nature’s treasures with utmost care and integrity. With our exceptional products, we aim to enrich lives, inspire creativity, and elevate experiences worldwide.

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